2014 Nashville Scuba Club Events

4/26 Weekend 8:00am DUI DEMO Days Pelham, AL .  Call 615-872-8743 if interested in attending.  Dry suit certification available upon request from Dive Below H2O Scuba
5/17 Sat 9:00am Dale Hollow Day Dive Adventure.  For this one day outing, we all chip in to pay for the dive boat rental and gas at Willow Grove Marina.  Be sure to bring enough air for your day of diving.  The compressor at Willow Grove probably will not be working.  Your local scuba shops have plenty of rental tanks.  We have found several good dive sites near Willow Grove Marina.  Boat leaves dock at 9:00 AM Sharp.  Be very sure you let us know in advance if you plan to attend.  Contact us for more information.
6/07 Sat 9:00am Martha's Quarry or Madison Quarry.  For a fun day of diving and more diving.  There may be some BS slung between dives so beware and bring your own.  You probably will want to bring something for lunch, however we may cook dawgs.  Need volunteer cooks.  Don't forget your water.  Be sure to get your quarry pass for Martha's if the event is at Martha's before you go.  Save $10.00 at Dive Below H2O Scuba
6/28 Sat 10:30am Local quarry TBA.  Email if you plan to attend.
7/12 Sat 10:00am Picnic Meeting: Anderson Road Recreation Area.  Burgers and Dawgs furnished by club, bring your favorite picnic side dish, drinks and chair.  Swimming available at beach and boat launch available.  May do a little diving as well.  Come prepared.  Please contact us if you plan to attend.
7/26 Sat 9:00am Local Quarry.   TBA.   Keep checking for details.
8/08-10 Fri-Sun 9:00am Dive Meeting & Camp: Dale Hollow Lake - Willow Grove Campgrounds  . Individuals who wish to camp need to make their own reservations.   Preferred site numbers are 60-69.   Club will rent dive boat for our diving pleasure.   We had some great dives last year.Be sure to bring enough air with you for your day of diving. The compressor at Willow Grove probably will not be working.   Your local dive shops have plenty of rental tanks if needed.

If you don't want to camp, come for a day.  There are cabins for rent, but you better hurry if interested.  Let us know if you are coming, so we will be on the look out.  Boat leaves at 9:00AM
9/04-07 Fri-Sun Drive down Thursday.   Drive home Sunday.

Panama City Trip-Drive down Thursday, boat dive Friday, shore dive Saturday at St. Andrews.  High tide predicted for 2 & 4 PM on Saturday.  Can do morning boat dive if interested.  Plan ahead so arrangements can be made for boat and lodging.  Don't forget to contact us if you are interested.  We'll discuss accommodations.
9/20 Sat 5:00pm Dinner Meeting: Jim & Nicks Barbecue on Charlotte near Davidson Road.  Please notify if coming.
9/20 Weekend 8:00am DUI Dog Days at Mermit Springs, Metropolis, IL. Call 615-872-8743 if interested in attending. Dry suit certification available upon request from Dive Below H2O Scuba
10/11 Sat 12:00pm Martha's Quarry Afternoon and Night Dive. We will probably have dawgs on the grill.
10/25 Sat 7:00am Pennyroyal, Hopkinsville,KY: Underwater Pumpkin carving & meeting - Be prepared for cold water - Gather in motel lot at I-24 Exit 40 North side of Old Hickory Blvd. BYOP, pumpkin that is.
11/15 Sat 7:30am U.S. Space & Rocket Center http://www.spacecamp.com/museumHome This is a day trip. Details to follow. If interested let us know.
12/13 Sat 5:00pm Party & Gift Exchange(Dirty Santa) no more than $20 gift. Santa was too nice last year, lots of laughs , but not enough dirty grabbing. We'll work on that. If you wish to participate in the madness, bring favorite party dish, and gift (optional) - location will probably be: Dive Below h2o Scuba, 139 Donelson Pike unless someone wants to volunteer to host the party or has access to party room. Let us know if able to host. If someone living in an apartment or condo complex that has party rooms available and would be willing to reserve a room for the party, please contact us and reserve the room.
01/10/15 Sat 5:00pm Dinner Meeting: Cherokee Steak House, Hwy 109 Gallatin- Head count needed, RSVP by email if coming so reservations can be arranged. We will be holding officer elections so come ready to help elect or be elected. Gather 4:45 PM